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Series I Bar Shoe Construction

Modifications to Bar Shoes
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Typical flat foot, in this case on an 8-year old thoroughbred race horse.  This horse also has problems with a persistent heel crack that requires the support of a bar shoe.


Start with a standard Sound Horse Series I horseshoe.  Shown here is the normal ELITE shoe top & bottom.


Grind a “flat” at the heels to remove the urethane rim pad in the area where you plan to affix the bar.  Drill & tap once you have fabricated your bar.


Fabricate the bar that you need for the shoe.  Shown here is a short heart-bar countersunk for 1/4 –20 machine screws.


Attach the bar with the machine screws


The heart bar attached to the Sound Horse Series I shoe.



If you plan to use a hoof packing under the bar, we suggest a piece of hooked Velcro to help hold the packing in place while it forms a pad.


We apply a carbon fiber repair to the heel crack and at the same time apply the Sound Horse Series I bar shoe.  The Sound Horse Sigafoos horse shoes are so easy to use that the horse’s hoof is only off the ground for 60 seconds to apply and secure.  No glue is on the bottom of the hoof.


Secure the shoe in place with industrial stretch wrap.  This will hold the shoe, hold in the heat to accelerate the adhesive cure and assure a smooth, hard cuff finish.


Sound Horse shoes wrapped and hoof placed on the ground.  No adhesive on the bottom of the hoof means no need to hold the hoof while the glue cures.  Fast & Easy


The finished, unwrapped bar shoe.

Pack the Bar with Silicone


The farrier is using Sound Horse EquiFlex-Pak 2-part silicone hoof packing.  This silicone packing material will retain its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. Sound Horse EquiFlex-Pak can also be used with copper sulfate added if required as a exfoliant or a biostat/biocide.


Sound Horse Series I bar shoe with silicone packing applied & trimmed.



Finished Series I shoe -shown medially and laterally



Both front feet shown.  Bar shoe with silicone packing is on the left of the photo (right hoof).



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