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EquiFlex-Pak is the Sound Horse 2-part Silicone Putty used for hoof packing and support. Within the equine industry this material is also sometimes referred to as “Dental Impression Material”, a term that is an artifact of development work done more than 20 years ago. The SoundHorse 2-part silicone packing is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is "gas permeable". This unique property allows treatment materials mixed with the silicone (copper sulfate) to slowly pass thru the cured silicone as a treatment.

 The 1:1 mix ratio polymer hoof packing will stay soft and maintain its cushion & support performance properties over a wide range of temperatures and will not harden as it ages during a normal or an extended shoeing

Our technical article "Silicone Packings – Hardness Study" shows tests of all the available silicones against one another allowing you to assess the relative "hardness" against an industry standard measure. Only SoundHorse prints the durometer of their products on their packaging to indicate hardness.

  • 2-part silicone hoof packing

  • 1:1 mix ratio

  • Fast mix & set time

  • 3# kit net weight (1.5# each jar) and 18# kit net weight (9# each jar)

  • Available in XSoft or Soft.

Pack a Bar Shoe with EquiFlex-Pak™
-- Silicone Hoof Packing --

1. Typical flat-foot, in this case on an 8-year old thoroughbred race horse. This horse also has problems with a persistent heel crack that requires the support of a bar shoe.

2. Horse is shod with a Sound Horse Series I horseshoe that has had a simple bar added.

3. The farrier is using Sound Horse’s EquiFlex-Pak, a 2-part silicone hoof packing. This silicone packing retains its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures

4. Sound Horse EquiFlex-Pak can also be used with copper sulfate added if required as a exfoliant or a biostat/biocide.

5. Sound Horse Series I bar shoe with silicone hoof packing applied & trimmed.

6. Finished Series I shoe packed with Sound Horse EquiFlex-Pak silicone hoof packing


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