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Morrison Roller Motion in BLACK & BLUE by SoundHorse

BLACK – the softest rim-pad available for treating seriously sore hooves
BLACK was developed in cooperation with Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF(Hons), University Farrier

  • Immediate relief for the seriously or profoundly sore hoof.
  • For use in CLINICAL or THERAPEUTIC treatment of abscess, laminitis, navicular or arthritic issues
  • BLACK polyester urethane has more than 3x the shock-absorbing performance when compared to our standard Sound Horse ¼-inch thick “Blue” rim-pad (currently the thickest & softest in the market).
  • Suggested for horses in stall rest, lay-up or in light to medium recovery work
  • BLACK is only available in Morrison Roller Motion shoe sizes 4-9 (Blue in 4-10)

The standard BLUE urethane rim-pad used by Sound Horse is a polyether polyurethane that offers excellent performance in dynamic loading, shock absorption and moist environments. In the typical equine sport & competition applications we suggest this hardness of 90 Shore “A” scale. This deformable rim-pad will NOT take a compression set and, as a result, performs remarkably well in all sport & therapeutic applications during the entire shoeing interval. The BLUE material will not absorb water and is not affected by urine, manure or mud. It also has a maximum service temperature of 200°F which makes it completely suitable for the all the Sound Horse rim-pad applications in Series I, II, III products.

The new BLACK rim-pad offers superior shock-absorption performance for use in cases of serious or profound hoof soreness. It is a polyester urethane compound with different physical properties. We recommend the newer & softer BLACK (60 Shore “A” scale) for problematic clinical or therapeutic issues with profoundly, sore-footed horses being treated for abscess, laminitis, arthritis and navicular problems. Standardized tests indicate a “softness” or compressibility that is 3x better than that of our standard BLUE 90”A” rim-pad. The new BLACK rim-pad also resists compression set during the entire shoeing interval and, as a result, delivers remarkable comfort in most therapeutic applications. This BLACK material will not absorb water and is not affected by urine, manure or mud. It‘s maximum service temperature of 190°F makes it suitable for all the Sound Horse rim-pad applications in Series I products.


BLACK is 3x softer than BLUE
-- It takes much less force to compress the therapeutic black rim-pad --
Sound Horse shock-absorbing rim-pads will NOT take a compression set during any shoeing interval.


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